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Wood Refinishing

Wood furniture water damage can vary from small spots and white or light-coloured rings to dark stains and marks. Minor water damage marks on the furniture from mopping floors daily can be repaired on-site by sanding, staining and sealing the damaged area and then toning with a coloured spray aerosol followed by a clear top coat.

Whenever possible, our technicians do on-site repairs. However, there are some repairs that must be done off-site. Should this be necessary, our technicians will carefully remove and return your furniture as quickly as possible.

Furniture Medic of Ottawa Wood Refinishing

Furniture Medic of Ottawa Wood Refinishing
On-site refinishing is an invaluable part of what we do at Furniture Medic of Ottawa. For example, a refinishing expert has the proficiency to renew a damaged dining room table, armoire or boardroom table on-site. By making use of non-toxic, water-based, environmentally friendly systems, the problem can be solved without moving the piece out of your facility.

Working on location is convenient, efficient and safe… and the cost of on-site refinishing can be substantially less than the cost of replacement.

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