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Movies, musicals or even concerts have one thing in common; they’re all about the experience. From the moment your customers walk in, they are focused on everything including whether there’s enough leg room and especially if the seats are comfortable.

Most importantly, your customers will notice if something is damaged or uncomfortable.

At Furniture Medic of Ottawa, our dedicated team of wood and furniture restoration experts take pride in restoring the look and comfort of any damaged piece of furniture. Whether fixing the wobbly arm of a chair in your theatre, the seat cushions, classic moldings, or even repairing the stage itself, we are here to help you provide your customer with the best experience possible.

Furniture Medic of Ottawa Theatres

Furniture Medic of Ottawa Theatres

Trust the experts at Furniture Medic of Ottawa to perform:

  • Chair repairs and reupholstering
  • Molding and countertop refinishing
  • Stage and flooring repairs
  • Hardwood floors
  • Tables and seating adjustments
    And more

Contact us today at (800) 263-5928 to make sure your customers experience the best your theatre has to offer.